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How we provide best Alphonso mango price ?

Every summer, before the monsoon season, India goes mad for the Alphonso.

“Hapus,” pronounced with a silent “h,” is how the mango is locally known.

The Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Raigad districts of Maharashtra together have around 130,000 hectares dedicated to Alphonso cultivation.

Our Alphonso mangoes are directly bought from own farms fresh and cleaned.

No broker involved which provides you with more effective cost.

Alphonso Mango is the reigning king among Indian fruits. Nearly 70% of the mangoes produced in the world come from India and none tastes like the Alphonso. The Red soil and the coastal zone of Rajapur region give the Alphonso its unique taste and flavor. Most of the Mangoes exported are organic in nature and naturally ripened.

Our services are not just providing you with the best quality mangoes but serving them till your homes by our in house delivery services.

Packaging is defined as a mean or system by which a fresh produce or processed product will reach from the production centre to the ultimate consumer in safe condition at an affordable price.

Mangoes are packaged in a 3 ply fruit crates and cartons. Due to their great sensitivity to pressure, the fruit are sometimes wrapped in paper or padded with hay.

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4 thoughts on “How we provide best Alphonso mango price ?”

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  2. hi, Need 5 Kgs fresh ready to eat Alphonso for my Russian Friend now ,please inform me where can i get within two days of time

  3. Mangoes Mumbai Manager

    Hello Priti,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The Alphonso mango season starts end of feb. You will get the best mangoes only for those 4 months. Will keep you posted as soon as we start shipping.

    Thank you

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