We are here to help you please send your request using form below and explain your issue in detail as possible. This will enable us to understand it better and provide you quick redressal.

Before submitting the request please read below instructions:

  1. The photos are mandatory for every damaged fruit
  2. The count of damaged fruits should be mentioned
  3. As per the nature of fruit and climate condition small damage is out of our hands, hence such complains won’t be accepted
  4. Unless the damage is more than 25% please do not submit
  5. If the damage happened during dispatch we will need some more time to evaluate with dispatch team
  6. The quality teams decision after the evaluation will be considered final as to provide discount, replacement or refund

[It takes minimum 10 days for quality team to review your request and provide best possible solution]

Total count of damages, parcel issues, any other concerns etc.

Also please do send the total damages proof on WhatsApp no. 9022157364 for review.