Spotting a real Alphonso Mango

  • Original and pure Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes will give completely natural aroma and wont go unnoticed. A room will be filled with aroma even if you have couple of them ripened kept inside. Comparatively other varieties or unnatural once wont achieve this.
  • Compared to the other varieties of mangoes Alphonso’s have a very rich smell. Chemically ripened mangoes too completely loose their aroma.
  • If you look at the mangoes or touch them they are very soft while chemical once are hard.
  • Observer the color of the mango too. Chemical & carbide ripened mangoes are completely uniform and yellow in coloured as to achieve selling this is done. However naturally ripened once will show different shades of yellow, green and red sometimes.
  • You may occasionally knock the mangoes to see if they are hollow from inside.
  • Check for wrinkles, if they are a lot they are over ripe.
  • Some mangoes do not get yellow and still show wrinkles, avoid them as they were harvested immature.

Conclusion just follow some basic steps while buying mangoes or any other fruit for that matter. As far as realΒ Alphonso’sΒ are concerned:

You can enjoy them at our lowest price right now.



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