MANGO UTSAV Week Celebration – Gudhi Padwa & Marathi New Year

Gudhi Padva, is the Sanskrit name for Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.

The festival is celebrated in honour of great king Chatrapati Shivaji who had a kingdom that spread across the entire part of western India. This is the reason people worship the Gudhi which is a cloth which flies like a flag that is usually a sign of victory in an army. Traditionally, Gudhi Padwa is considered to be an auspicious day for new beginnings. The same also holds true to the season of mangoes that seems to have begun.

Gudi Padwa is also considered as the harvest festival, which shows that the Rabi crop has ended for the season. This is the time when mangoes and fruits are reaped. Gudi Padwa is the time when you find the delicious ripe mangoes in the market. The most popular variety of mango in world, which is also big on export, it is popularly known Hapoos (Alphonso). The best variation of alphonso mangoes are those from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

The New Year that is observed in various parts of the country on the first day of Chaitra month is dedicated to the hope, success and joy. This success, hope and joy is directly associated with the success of our farmers.

In favour of our farmers, we celebrate this Gudi Padwa as MANGO UTSAV. We also cut down our prices on a larger scale so that everyone can enjoy this delicious fruit.

Happy Gudhi Padwa and HAPPY MANGO UTSAV.

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