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[trx_title type=”2″ style=”regular”]Bulk Orders[/trx_title]Whatever the occasion is, celebrate it Big and Healthy with Fresh Mangoes this season from Mangos Mumbai. Bulk orders are delivered in wooden crates. If you have a specific requirement simply [trx_button type=”square” style=”global” size=”mini” fullsize=”no” icon=”icon-right-open-big” link=”” popup=”no”]Contact Us[/trx_button]Β and we will be glad to fulfill .

Our in house delivery team handles bulk orders and make sure timely deliveries. You can avail great discounts too on bulk orders.
[trx_title type=”2″ style=”regular”]Corporate Discounts[/trx_title]

A unique and very rich gift that can bring smiles on your employees faces. Many of our co-corporate customers preferred this last year as unique give away that is remembered long expressing company goodwill towards employees.

Corporate orders are handled very creatively making sure the company branding is done very well and in a professional way. Our in house teams makes sure the packing is well done. These orders can be customized as per companies requirement.

[trx_title type=”2″ style=”regular”]Working Professionals[/trx_title]

Through facebook and other social medias we have gained attention of large working professionals group. We spread the word using emails and these group can place their orders together co-coordinating with our customer care representatives.

These orders are simply delivered to the company location swiftly. FREE delivery is availed by these customers. Order Today..!

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