Love mango but don’t like wearing it? how to cut a mango ?

How to cut a mango ? Follow these steps and you can enjoy this juicy fruit without getting sticky.

When the time comes to crown the world’s greatest fruit, it will be hard to argue against the mango. It’s got it all — a slippery, juicy lustiness; intriguing, inspiring aromas of everything good and tropical; candy like sweetness and enough balancing tartness to remind you that it’s still a real fruit, not a cavity borer designed in a lab. Lets figure how to cut a mango ?

It heart-breaking to see good people do wrong by their mango, struggling with a peeler that can’t cut through the thick skin, mashing up the fruit underneath or trying to cut through the thick, flat pit and giving up.

First, let’s talk about selecting a mango. Gently squeeze the mango to test the firmness. It should give to the touch, but not be either squishy or hard. Definitely avoid mangoes with wrinkly skin, as they will be overripe and mushy. Smell the mango near the stem. It should smell sweet and fruity. If it smells alcoholic or sour, it’s too ripe. If you don’t smell anything, it’s under ripe. The color is not a reliable indicator of mango ripeness. There are so many different varieties that color will vary wildly. Dark brown specks on the skin are ok. Avoid mangoes that are totally green, as they tend to be under ripe. But overwhelmingly, the firmness is the best indicator!

If you can’t find a mango that is ripe, you can buy an underripe one and let it ripen on your countertop for a few days. Once it is ripe, it should be refrigerated.

You will need a sharp knife you are comfortable with and a cutting board. Also, be very careful, as mangoes can be slippery little devils!

Now that you have the perfect mango, let’s cut it! 

What You Need


1 or more ripe mangoes


  • Chef knife
  • Paring knife
  • Bowl



Step 1: Cut off the mango “cheeks” –

Hold the mango in a vertical position and use a small sharp knife to cut down either side of the stone to remove the “cheeks”.

Step 2: Dice the mango

Hold a mango cheek, skin-side down, in the palm of your hand and use a small sharp knife to cut the flesh in a diamond pattern (taking care not to cut all the way through).

Step 3: Turn the mango inside out

Turn the cheek inside out and cut the cubes from the skin. Repeat with the remaining cheek and use as required.

Step 4: Trim fruit from the seed

With the seed flat on the cutting board, cut around the seed to remove any remaining mango flesh. Cube the fruit without cutting through the skin and then pry or slice the cubes away from the skin.

Sliced mango will keep refrigerated for several days or can be frozen for up to three months.

Now that you have this sweet, juicy, flavorful fruit to enjoy, what should you do with it? Eat it plain, put it in a salsa with avocado and black beans, put it on a salad, throw it into a smoothie, dip it in chocolate fondue, freeze it and then puree it in a food processor for a quick “sorbet.” The possibilities are endless. If you’re not a mango lover yet, give it a try!


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