How to detect carbide free mangoes? natural mangoes which are not ripened using chemicals !!

As a consumer it is very difficult wether to define mangoes which are carbide free and natural, well we have done a research and our experience is also coming along very well.
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Here are some quick tips to recognise chemically ripened mangoes. 

  1. The aroma and taste of artificially produced mangoes is not like mangoes which are naturally cultivated. Natural Mangoes have strong sweet aroma when they are fully ripened and taste is very rich
  2. These mangoes do not swell like naturally-ripe mangoes. They look shiny and smooth.
  3. Artificially produced mangoes look yellow on all sides equally. Whereas natural mangoes shows different natural color shades of the golden, yellow, green, red etc.
  4. If you buy any fruits that are not in a season, it is more likely that it is artificially ripe. Therefore, do not possibly buy mangoes until the April. April & May is actual mango season.
  5. The mango season begins during April mid as per the heat grows. Therefore, do not buy mangoes coming out in the market since February.


The effects of artificial mango on the body

  1. The amounts of arsenic and phosphorus, calcium carbide remain in the fruit and hence consumed. This results in defects in the brain, headaches, tangent, and other sensations.
  2. The chemical spray used for growing of mango has a cancerous component (carcinogenic). So many organs in the body can cause cancer.
  3. Kidneys that are regularly consuming artificially grown mango, their activities become deteriorating due to lactose chemicals.
  4. Many diseases have been found in the labourers working in calcium carbide like dizziness, mood swings, confusion and lack of memory.
  5. If pregnant women eat such mango, they may cause birth defects in the child because of the calcium carbide digestive system.
  6. By eating artificially grown mangoes, trouble starts to cause vomiting, laxatives, persistent nausea, dizziness.

Conclusion just follow some basic steps while buying mangoes or any other fruit for that matter. As far as Alphonso’s are concerned:


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