Happy Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days in India out of the holy festivals. It the Sun and the Moon are brightest hence the gold you purchase stays with the family.

People should perform charities this day which will certainly brings blessings.

But many doesn’t know what charities to be performed here is the list of charities called as Daanam one may perform:

  • Jala Daanam: Offering water to Brahmins in the form of dakshina.
  • Shayana Daanam: Donate beds to the needy once.
  • Vasthra Daanam: Clothes are the best option to donate to received blessings from the poor.
  • Kunkum daanam: Kumkum donation.
  • Chandana daanam: Donating Sandalwood protects the donor from untimely accidents and inauspicious.
  • Butter milk daanam : Offering butter milk as a charity blesses the donor with gaining of knowledge.
  • Padaraksha: Donating slippers, shoes, chappals or any footwear.
  • Chatra Daanam: An umbrella to the needy removes unexpected obstacles from one’s life.

Apart from the above donations, one can also donate other food items or any kind of charity as per their capacity. It is considered as one who donates the blessings are always with them & Gods favor them the most.

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